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Materials for the study of Vedic ritual

For several millennia Vedic ritual has been of great importance in the cultural history of South Asia and neighbouring areas such as Indonesia and mainland South-East Asia. As such, it forms a cultural phenomenon of exceptional extension and complexity. The study and criticism of Vedic ritual were underlying in the development, more than two millennia ago, of disciplines such as Sanskrit grammar, phonology, and metrics; through the centuries and in fact till the present day Vedic ritual has provided symbols of social status and political power; it still is the source of a large amount of prayers and ritual models in modern Hinduism, and it provided starting points for antagonism to Buddhism and Jainism, both of which retained many of its structures, ideas, and presuppositions even when offering their criticism. At present, some evaluate the place and function of Vedic ritual, in whatever form it is now claimed to be put in practice, negatively; others evaluate it positively. In either case, the phenomenon needs to be understood more properly.

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