The first hymn of the ninth book of the Rgveda.

The entire ninth book of the Rgveda is devoted to "Soma purifying himself" (with a few exceptions). The first hymn is attributed to the seer-poet Madhucchandas, son of Visvamitra; it is in the Gayatri metre (3 x 8 syllables):


  1. In a most delicious and exhilerating stream, purify yourself, o Soma, pressed for Indra, to drink.
  2. The destroyer of demons, belonging to all tribes, proceeds to his beloved spot, hammered with metal, and sits down in his seat of wood (the vessel for the pressed Soma). 
  3. Be the best giver of space, most bounteous, the best destroyer of the obstructor; bring the liberality of the magnanimous to fulfilment. 
  4. Flow with your sap to the invitation of the great gods, to the power-prize and to fame. 
  5. To you we go, to one and the same aim, day after day; o Soma; in you are our expectations. 
  6. The daughter of the sun (the art of inpired poetry and song composition) purifies the Soma juice of you (o deva Soma), through the hairs (of the sieve).
  7. Him the ten tender young women (the presser's fingers) seize in collaboration, the sisters, on the decisive day; 
  8. him the virgins (the presser's fingers) set in motion, they blow (empty by pressing?) the bag made of bakura; the honey is threefold protective.  
  9. And the milk cows mix the calf, the Soma, (with milk), for Indra, to drink. 
  10. In the exhilerations of this (Soma), Indra destroys all obstructions and obstructors, and the hero is magnanimous with magnanimous gifts.